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Friday, September 22, 2017 Vol. 81 No. 5

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  Article Archive
June 2017 Issue (Vol. 81 No. 2)
Acres & Acres
Random Thoughts on Big Trends | Chris Beytes
Challenges and ideas that are currently on the minds of growers and retailers.

Apprenticeships | Albert Grimm
Traditional apprenticeships don’t end with graduates that are filled with cookbook knowledge.

Coverage = Kill | Paul Pilon
Successfully controlling pests and diseases involves more than simply applying an effective product.

In a Greenhouse, Not So Far Away | Jennifer Zurko
Dealing with labor shortages and the demand to grow more using less creates the perfect environment for new technology and innovation.

Singing the Botrytis Blues? | Rick Yates
Several methods, both cultural and chemical, can be used to help keep Botrytis at bay.

Cover Story
AutoStix: The Next Big Thing Since the Plug Tray? | Chris Beytes
Finding a way to automate the sticking of unrooted cuttings has been the Holy Grail of the industry since the vegetative annual craze began back in the ’90s. AutoStix is taking up the challenge. What’s interesting is that it’s not just a machine, it’s a whole system—one that puts the job of sticking cuttings onto your offshore supplier.

Culture Notes
Successful Biocontrol in Poinsettias | Ronald Valentin
Basic steps to make a pest management program that’s based on using BCAs successful for poinsettias.

Chemistry Crash Course | Ryan Dickson & Paul Fisher
Why do geraniums drop pH?

Climate Curtains for Considerable Savings | Robert Hanifin
Why and how greenhouse curtains save money and energy.

Go High or Go Low? | Josh Henry & Brian Whipker
Insufficient phosphorus levels may be the culprit behind some of your plant problems.

Motivating the Next Growers | Jennifer Zurko
This year, we asked the three finalists for our GrowerTalks/Dümmen Orange Young Grower Award how they would attract potential employees from Generation Z and inspire them to love this industry as much as they do.

Safety First | Jennifer Zurko
Making sure that your drivers are up-to-date on all of the rules and regulations is a vital part of your business that some companies take for granted.

Growers Talk Business
Bridge Building | Gary Mangum
Embarking on most any mission can generally be easier if we plan and work with, not against, people and organizations that may have differing viewpoints.

GT in Brief
A Seat at the Table | Chris Beytes
Fourteen members of the agricultural community—including, importantly, one of our own, Tom Demaline of Willoway Nurseries in Avon, Ohio (second from left)—brief President Trump on issues of concern during a “Farmers Roundtable” April 25 at the White House.

GT in Brief
AmericanHort Debuts Technology Conference | Chris Beytes
AmericanHort will be holding a Production Technology Conference that “will be the place for nursery and greenhouse growers to get hands-on with the latest advancements in production technology and explore the ROI potential of equipment purchases and upgrades.”

GT in Brief
Ball Expands Rose Business with Rights to Kordes Varieties | Chris Beytes
Building upon its entry into the rose marketplace with the purchase of Conard Pyle/Star Roses in 2015, Ball Horticultural Company has acquired the U.S. and Canadian master licensing rights for Kordes roses from the current rights-holder, Newflora.

GT in Brief
Bayer Unveils New Insecticide | Jennifer Zurko
Environmental Science, a business unit of the Crop Science division of Bayer, announced that Altus insecticide is available for purchase through authorized agents beginning May 1, 2017.

GT in Brief
Greenhouse 101 Class and More From UF | Chris Beytes
If you’ve got an employee or laborer who has no formal training, but would like to expand his or her knowledge, you’re in luck, thanks to the University of Florida.

GT in Brief
Hort Printing Now Orora Visual | Jennifer Zurko
Orora Visual, which was launched in April, united four print and point-of-purchase businesses under one brand, including IntegraColor (Dallas), The Register Print Group (New Jersey), Graphic Tech (Los Angeles) and The Garvey Group (Chicago and Los Angeles). Horticultural Marketing & Printing will now be part of Orora Visual.

GT in Brief
Kaylee South Awarded Paul Ecke, Jr. Scholarship | Chris Beytes
Botrytis, look out! There’s a smart Ph.D. student at The Ohio State University who’s working on ways to take you down.

GT in Brief
Make an Impact on Capitol Hill | Jennifer Polanz
AmericanHort, which has been instrumental in representing the interests of the green industry on Capitol Hill, will continue this work in the fall when it will host the advocacy summit Impact Washington on September 12-13 in Washington, D.C.

GT in Brief
More Bio Plant Products from Mycorrhizal Applications | Jennifer Zurko
Mycorrhizal Applications (MA) announced that it’s now the master distributor of a suite of new biological plant support solutions for the professional horticulture, nursery, greenhouse, landscaping and home gardening markets.

GT in Brief
On The Move | Jennifer Zurko

GT in Brief
Three Students Receive 2017 Altman Family Scholarship | Jennifer Zurko
The American Floral Endowment has named three students as recipients of the 2017 Altman Family Scholarship.

New Products
New Products | Adriana Heikkila
Darwin Perennials; Growers Supply Inc.; H.E. Anderson Co.; Ludvig Svensson Inc.; PBH Nature’s Media Amendment; Star Roses and Plants

SAF in the Lobby
The Floral Industry and Washington: The First 100 Days | Society of American Florists
While “the first 100 days” is viewed by some as artificial and even unhelpful, it’s an accepted benchmark for evaluating a new administration. Here’s our take on the first 100 days, with emphasis on the issues SAF took to the Hill during Congressional Action Days (CAD).

Under an Acre
Integrating Technology for a More Prosperous Tomorrow | Anne-Marie Hardie
When owner of Holy City Farms, Shawn Ransford, delved into the industry, he immediately saw the volume of data that not only needed to be tracked, but evaluated.

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