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Wednesday, August 23, 2017 Vol. 81 No. 4

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  Article Archive
May 2017 Issue (Vol. 81 No. 1)
Acres & Acres
How Growing is Like School | Chris Beytes
To be an A student—or an A grower—you don’t have to do 100% of the tasks 100% of the time and do them all 100% on time.

A Grower’s Guide to PGRs: Tips for Ornamentals & Veggies | Joanne Lutz
Use of these products can yield a variety of benefits.

Grumbles & Gripes | Steve Hutton
Complaining is cheap and easy; it’s fixing the problem that’s hard.

History Major | Jennifer Zurko
It’s fun and interesting to see how much has changed over the years … and how much we can learn from it.

The Family Matriarch | Chris Fifo
Carol Swift leaves behind her core values, which we all aspire to achieve: integrity, honesty, fairness and loyalty.

Cover Story
Introducing "Grower Talks" | Jennifer Zurko
Eighty years ago, George J. Ball—frustrated with the lack of a timely floriculture publication—created GrowerTalks. To acknowledge how long we’ve come, we’re re-printing the May 1937 issue in its entirety on these pages. All of the grammar, punctuation, slang and typos is how George Ball and his sons originally wrote them.

Culture Notes
Bidens Pretty in Pink | Mike Fernandez
New color developments are opening the door for bidens to become a major player in the vegetative plant world.

Culture Notes
Cook up a Storm with Amsonia Storm Cloud | Jeremy Windemuller
Storm Cloud is a new cultivar most noted for its incredibly dark emerging foliage in early spring and natural late-spring blooming.

Culture Notes
Royal Collection Pennisetums | Josiah Raymer
This collection gives you the best of both worlds—the look of phormium along with the vigor and other characteristics of pennisetum.

A Taxing Situation | Mark E. Battersby
Is the property tax assessment on your growing and/or retail business’ property correct?

Are You Missing Something? | Jennifer Zurko
How to get more out of your greenhouse and the equipment that goes in it.

Biopesticides: What Are Your Options? | Steve Arthurs & Kevin M. Heinz
While pests and diseases are here to stay, pesticides have come a long way since the days of DDT, arsenic or lindane.

Doing the Math | Ed Bloodnick & Troy Buechel
Use of biologicals in growing media can save you money.

High Qualitree Teamwork | Sylvia Schaap
From a college project to reality, this BC-based company has grown into a world-class operation, thanks to the “A players” on their team.

Steps to Avoiding Aphids | Dr. Raymond A. Cloyd
Cultural strategies that must be implemented in order to avoid or alleviate problems with aphids.

The Helping Robotic Hand | Amanda Williams
Spending money for equipment up front could save you money (and time) in the long run.

Growers Talk Business
The Waves of Spring | Abe VanWingerden
Our team does all we can to bring a positive attitude to each day and do what we can for our customer’s success. That’s our game plan, it’s accomplishable and it keeps it to the basics.

GT in Brief
AIB Welcomes New Board Members and Officers | Jennifer Zurko
America in Bloom elected new board members and officers at its annual meeting in February.

GT in Brief
Ball Sells Darwin Plants—But NOT Darwin Perennials | Chris Beytes
Ball Horticultural Company is NOT getting out of the perennial business. Far from it.

GT in Brief
Delray Sells to Costa | Chris Beytes
Delray Plants owners Ed Koornneef and his brother-in-law Randy Gilde have sold the family business to Costa Farms.

GT in Brief
Dramm’s Coldfogger Gets an Upgrade | Chris Beytes
If you like your Coldfogger, you’ll love the new Coldfogger AR, which features a more durable pump that is easier to use and allows for the use of corrosive chemicals.

GT in Brief
Dümmen Orange Expands Rose Business | Chris Beytes
Dümmen Orange expands its rose business even further, as it becomes the agent for rose breeder Jan Spek Rozen in 10 countries, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia, Poland, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

GT in Brief
EU Chemical Agency Says Roundup’s AI Not a Carcinogen | Chris Beytes
On March 15, the European Chemical’s Agency (ECHA) announced that it had found glyphosate, the active ingredient in the popular herbicide Roundup, not to be a carcinogen.

GT in Brief
Fast Five with Ball CTO Matt Mouw | Chris Beytes
Meet Ball Horticultural Company’s newest executive, who fills a brand new position: Chief Technology Officer.

GT in Brief
HRI Now Accepting Grant Proposals | Jennifer Zurko
The Horticultural Research Institute (HRI) is actively seeking research proposals for projects that will produce new knowledge and lead to applied advice for the green industry.

GT in Brief
In Memoriam: Jim Corfield | Chris Beytes
James Lyle “Jim” Corfield died March 14 from an aggressive brain tumor. He was 72.

GT in Brief
In Memoriam: Marc Laviana | Chris Beytes
Marc Laviana passed away at home on Saturday, March 11, 2017, surrounded by his loving family after battling cancer. He was just 62.

GT in Brief
New Varieties: The Spice of Life | Chris Beytes
Held April 1-6 along the California coast, this year’s Spring Trials featured 16 locations (mainly greenhouses and a pair of wineries) from Oxnard in the south to Gilroy in the north.

GT in Brief
On The Move | Jennifer Zurko

GT in Brief
Save the Date: PPA Symposium | Jennifer Zurko
The 35th Annual Perennial Plant Symposium and Trade Show will be hosted in Denver, Colorado, on July 23-28, 2017.

GT in Brief
Toscana Breeding Acquires Endisch Geranium Genetics | Chris Beytes
Toscana Breeding BV is a joint venture formed in 2012 between three companies.

GT in Brief
USDA Drops Annual Floriculture Crops Summary | Chris Beytes
If you're wondering why you didn’t get your annual Christmas-time survey in the mail from USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), it’s because they’re not conducting said survey for the 2016 growing year.

New Products
New Products | Adriana Heikkila
Bougainvillea Growers International; Concept Plants; Ball Horticultural Company; AmericanHort; Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm; Premier Tech Horticulture

SAF in the Lobby
SAF Lobbies for Additional Research Funding | Society of American Florists
Every year, U.S. citizens, buoyed by their own initiative or representing an industry they work in or a cause they believe in, submit tens of thousands of requests to members of Congress to fund various programs.

Under an Acre
For the Love of Food | Anne-Marie Hardie
Entrepreneur Jeff Bednar’s career into horticulture began from an interest not in plants, but food.

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