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Wednesday, June 28, 2017 Vol. 81 No. 2

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  Article Archive
March 2017 Issue (Vol. 80 No. 11)
Acres & Acres
Plant to Plan: “Insertion” | Chris Beytes
Last month, Ball’s Dr. Will Healy taught us about “Plan for profit, plant to plan.” This time, chapter two of the lesson.

Alkalinity Control with Acid Injection | Rick Yates
Treating highly alkaline water sources with acid to neutralize the alkalinity to a low level makes the water more suitable for production by reducing its ability to raise soil pH.

Greenhouse Beautiful | Jennifer Zurko
If home is where the heart is, what’s in a greenhouse? (I mean, besides plants.)

Propagation Fog System | Roger McGaughey
How we fixed the problem of over-misting our cuttings.

Qualification: Education, Experience, Passion (Not Necessarily in That Order) | Sylvia Schaap
Passion for a career doesn’t grow on trees. It comes through experience and good experiences in the industry of choice.

Cover Story
Tools and Tech from IPM | Chris Beytes
While praised for its copious halls full of flowers, plants, hardgoods, and packaging and display inspiration, the IPM Essen trade show has always been lacking in tools and technology—especially when compared to the long-retired NTV (Neder-landse Tuinbouw Vakbeurs or Dutch Horticulture Trade Fair).

Culture Notes
Water, Water Everywhere | Jennifer Calhoun
Overwatering plants can hurt your bottom line.

Big Controls for the Small Grower | Allison Westbrook
Is greenhouse climate control automation only for the big guys? We talked to two experts and learned that climate control can be a great fit for growers of all sizes.

Charting a Course for LEDs | Tom Contrisciano & Josh Gerovac
Tips for navigating through greenhouse LED lighting options.

Did You Kill ’Em? | Paul Pilon
Keeping perennials alive as winter comes to an end.

New Additions | Jennifer Zurko
A quick look at a couple of operations with some new greenhouse digs.

Your Greenhouse “Tweaking” Checklist | Al Sray
Here are a few little things you can do to prolong the life of your greenhouse if you’re not quite ready to go big yet.

Growers Talk Business
Heating Your Greenhouse—Economically | Bill Swanekamp
Most of us can afford to pay more for gas for our cars, but when it comes to heating our greenhouses, any increase in the cost of fuel can be difficult to swallow.

GT in Brief
“And the winner is …” | Chris Beytes
Your scribe and his co-host, German singer Alex Behrens, led the festivities at the 8th International Grower of the Year Award Ceremony, presented by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH).

GT in Brief
Dr. Still to Retire | Paul Pilon
There’s more news from the PPA. Perennial Plant Association Founder and Executive Director Dr. Steven Still announced his retirement.

GT in Brief
EuroAmerican Files Ch. 7, Closes Doors | Chris Beytes
EuroAmerican Propagators filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in a Southern California court, meaning the San Diego County propagator and Proven Winners partner is out of business.

GT in Brief
Fire Destroys Building at Spring Meadow Nursery | Jennifer Zurko
A massive fire destroyed the main office building at Spring Meadow Nursery in Grand Haven, Michigan, early in the morning on Sunday, January 15.

GT in Brief
HRI Announces Funded Research Projects | Jennifer Zurko
The Horticultural Research Institute (HRI), the AmericanHort Foundation, has announced 2017 grant funding.

GT in Brief
In Memoriam: Dallas Johnson | Chris Beytes
GrowerTalks was saddened to hear that we lost Dallas Johnson, namesake of Dallas Johnson Greenhouses of Council Bluffs, Iowa, on January 7, after an illness. He was 78.

GT in Brief
On the Move | Jennifer Zurko

GT in Brief
Perennial of the Year | Paul Pilon
The Perennial Plant Association recently named Asclepias tuberosa as the 2017 Perennial of the Year.

GT in Brief
Tax Reform: Will it Happen This Year? | Society of American Florists
Is there really a chance for comprehensive tax reform this year? Yes, it’s possible for the first time in a decade, but not necessarily probable.

GT in Brief
What’s on Tap for Cultivate'17 | Jennifer Zurko
AmericanHort’s Cultivate’17, July 15-18 in Columbus, Ohio, is the horticulture industry’s renowned professional development event with the largest all-industry trade show, tours and workshops, and the most comprehensive professional, technical and staff development opportunities.

New Products
New Products | Adriana Heikkila
Sun Gro Horticulture; KnowYourGrow.IO; Growers Supply; Emerald Coast Growers LLC; PBH Nature’s Media Amendment; PanAmerican Seed

Pest Management
Still Not Out of the Woods: IDM 2017 | Margery Daughtrey
In spite of the demand from the gardening public with high optimism or short memories, gardeners will be wise to use I. walleriana as an occasional embellishment in the garden, not as a monoculture.

Pest Management
Using Predatory Mites to Manage Pests | Kevin M. Heinz, Pete Krauter, Steve Thompson & Steve Arthurs
Predator mites can be as effective as miticide sprays, provided they’re used correctly.

Under an Acre
Planting for the Gardens of Tomorrow | Anne-Marie Hardie
With the motto, “Preserving the past and propagating the future,” Green Nurseries has set themselves apart as camellia specialists.

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