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Tuesday, September 19, 2017 Vol. 81 No. 5

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  Article Archive
February 2017 Issue (Vol. 80 No. 10)
Acres & Acres
Plan for Profit | Chris Beytes
A plain-English set of instructions on how to do it, from Dr. Will Healy.

Let’s Get Physical | Paul Pilon
I’m not talking about the Olivia Newton John song; I’m talking about the physical properties of growing mixes.

Micronutrients: They’re Bigger Than You Think | Rick Yates
Micronutrients, by definition, are required by plants in small quantities, but they’re crucial nonetheless.

Miss Doesn’t-Know-It-All | Jennifer Zurko
One of my worst fears (besides heights and spiders) is coming across like I know what I’m talking about when, really, it’s plain that I’m totally clueless.

Quali-fi-cation = Quality in Education | Albert Grimm
In horticulture, the qualification of specialists is determined primarily by the depth of passion for their chosen career.

Cover Story
Everybody’s Doing It—Should You? | Jennifer Zurko
Why mycorrhizae is the new soil buzzword, despite its presence in the industry for 30 years.

Culture Notes
Spring Trials Sneak Peek Lucky Star Pentas | Birdie Lenard-Fountain
The Lucky Star Pentas series is not only well-branched and compact, but the plants are early to flower with no cyclic blooming.

Fertilizer 2.0 | Dr. Neil Mattson
The products you use to feed your plants continue to evolve.

Is Your Water Working for You? | Dr. Dustin Meador
Your water may not be as clean as you think.

Seeing Through the Fog | Dr. Michael Brownbridge
Can we use low-volume sprayers to improve application efficiency and performance of biopesticides?

The Gist on Mist | Dr. James E. Faust
Here’s a primer on vapor pressure deficit.

The Right Ingredients | Dan Jacques
A brief review of media components for propagation.

Wood Substrates: The Plant’s Perspective | Dr. Brian E. Jackson & Paul Bartley III
Wood substrate research trials offer insight into the use of these next-generation materials.

Growers Talk Business
Hope & Change—Phase 2 | Gary Mangum
I really think if more of us treat people like we want to be treated every single opportunity we get, we will be in a much better place across this great country that we have.

GT in Brief
$18,000 in Scholarships Available to Southeast Hort Students | Jennifer Zurko
The Sidney B. Meadows Scholarship Endowment Fund has announced it’s now accepting scholarship applications for 2017.

GT in Brief
Ball Acquires Danish Potted Plant Breeder | Chris Beytes
Ball Horticultural Company has acquired majority ownership in the Danish potted plant breeding company Ex-Plant A/S. Ex-Plant’s genetics—namely a range of peppers (both ornamental and edible), solanum and exacum—will become part of PanAmerican Seed’s collection.

GT in Brief
Benary Announces Joint Venture in China | Chris Beytes
Interesting news from Germany, where well-known bedding and potted plant breeder Ernst Benary has announced that they’re forming a joint venture in China to grow young plants.

GT in Brief
Fire at Dan Schantz Destroys Production Barn, Cooler | Chris Beytes
The fire broke out the evening of January 3, sometime between 8:00 and 8:30

GT in Brief
HGA—The Hobby Greenhouse Association | Chris Beytes
They’ve been around since 1976, promoting the hobby of growing flowers and vegetables in home greenhouses, but they’ve struggled lately to find new members, especially younger ones.

GT in Brief
In Focus at Season Premier | Chris Beytes
Garden writer Marianne Wilburn gets the shot at Costa Farms’ Season Premier Trial Gardens at Costa Color in Homestead, Florida.

GT in Brief
In Memoriam: Bert Kraft | Chris Beytes
The Kraft family name has long been synonymous with South Florida horticulture—think Kraft Gardens. Alas, the patriarch of the family, Albert “Bert” Kraft, passed away three days after Christmas at his home in Palm City, Florida, at the venerable age of 96.

GT in Brief
On the Move | Jennifer Zurko

GT in Brief
Ralstonia Plagues Dutch Rose Industry | Chris Beytes
It’s not the same ralstonia that hit our geranium industry 14 years ago (that was Race 3, Biovar 2), but a serious outbreak of Ralstonia solanacearum, race 1, has been causing hardships for the Dutch cut rose industry.

GT in Brief
Register for America in Bloom | Chris Beytes
If you’re looking for a way to boost sales and show your community spirit, why not register your city, town, village, borough or burg for the 2017 America in Bloom competition?

GT in Brief
Revisions to U.S.-Canada Plant Certification Program | Chris Beytes
If you ship plants to or from Canada, you’re probably up to speed on revisions to GCP, the bilateral export certification program for greenhouse-grown plants being shipped between the U.S. and Canada.

GT in Brief
Sales Up at Auction | Chris Beytes
Royal FloraHolland, the big Dutch auction (and owner of GrowerTalks' sister publication FloraCulture International) has just released their 2016 numbers. They reveal that flower and plant sales were up 3.8% over 2015, to 4.6 billion euros.

GT in Brief
Tour China’s Horticulture with an Expert | Chris Beytes
Dr. Mengmeng Gu, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, is putting together a China Horticulture Field Trip—a 12-day tour of the northwest Sichuan Province, which boasts amazing scenery, culture, people, cuisine and, as she says, “Most importantly, PLANTS!”

New Products
New Products | Adriana Heikkila
Ball Seed; Syngenta; Lambert Peat Moss; Premier Tech Horticulture; Terra Nova Nurseries; EuroAmerican Propagators

Pest Management
Silicon: Making the Crop Stronger to Fight Leafminers | Dr. Daniel S. Klittich
Plants use silicon to provide strength to plant structures and to mount a defense against abiotic and biotic stressors, including pests.

SAF in the Lobby
New Congress Off and Running | The Society of American Florists
The 115th Congress convened January 3 with an ambitious agenda on its plate that includes repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), overhauling immigration and border security, tax reform, infrastructure spending, and cutting financial, environmental and labor regulations.

Under an Acre
From Film to Farm: A Real-Life Fable | Anne-Marie Hardie
The journey of Fable began in perhaps one of the most unlikely places—the spare bedroom of film editor Tom Deacon’s home.

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