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Tuesday, September 19, 2017 Vol. 81 No. 5

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  Article Archive
January 2017 Issue (Vol. 80 No. 9)
Acres & Acres
What Employees Want | Chris Beytes
It behooves you to do everything in your power to give them what they need to be happy on the job.

Creativity Killed the Crop | Chris Fifo
Over the years, I’ve come up with some very unique and creative ways to efficiently kill a crop.

Media pH: Keeping the Green in Spring | Rick Yates
Media pH is a dynamic system with several variables that need to be well managed in order to produce crops that meet their potential.

Revisiting Some History | Jennifer Zurko
This year, GrowerTalks turns 80 years old.

Cover Story
NORM (and Dana and Tal) on NORM | Chris Beytes
2017 marks GrowerTalks’ 80th year covering the North American greenhouse industry, and in that time one man has been on the cover more than anyone else: Norm White, founder of White’s Nursery & Garden Center in Chesapeake, Virginia. Norm has made the cover five times: September 1974, May 1975, June 1979, January 1985 and November 2009. Wait. Make that six times, counting this issue.

Culture Notes
Frostkiss Hellebore Production 101 | April Herring-Murray
Frostkiss Hellebore are easy to grow when just a few key growing tips are followed.

Culture Notes
Reach for the Sky with First Editions Straight Talk Privet | BreAnne Nott
With the resurgence of hedging and screening plants into the marketplace, First Editions Straight Talk is a timely addition to the First Editions line.

Cool Tools for the Greenhouse | Allison Westbrook
These new (and, in some cases, improved) products make production time a little easier without having to hire more help.

CRFs for URCs | Christopher J. Currey & Roberto G. Lopez
A new strategy for fertilizing cuttings.

It’s Never Too Late | Mark E. Battersby
Last-minute tax savings and the potential pitfalls you may face.

Stay in Shape by Keeping It Clean | Dustin Meador
A refresher on sanitation practices that you can implement right now.

The Making of a TC Pioneer | Chris Beytes
Occasionally, GrowerTalks likes to reveal little-known stories about the birth, growth or success of a well-known horticultural business. This month: How the loss of his mother and the affection of his friends started Ray Oglesby on the road to becoming a tissue culture pioneer.

Growers Talk Business
What’s in “Store” in 2017 | Abe VanWingerden
No matter the tailwinds or headwinds, our plan for 2017 is a relentless focus on quality in everything we do.

GT in Brief
50,000 Plant Ratings Now Available in Plant Trials Database | Jennifer Zurko
The National Plant Trials Database is pleased to announce there are now over 50,000 plant ratings in this online repository of trial data.

GT in Brief
America in Bloom Contracts with New Management Company | Chris Beytes
America in Bloom will have a new management service as of January 1 and the head of that new company is AIB’s current Executive Director.

GT in Brief
Endless Summer Brand Gets New Look | Chris Beytes
At first glance, you probably wouldn’t notice that the Endless Summer Hydrangea icon has been given a “contemporary” new look.

GT in Brief
HortScholars Program Now Taking Applications | Jennifer Zurko
The AmericanHort HortScholars program is now accepting applications through March 1, 2017.

GT in Brief
Metrolina Touts Sustainable Horticulture During Farm City Week | Chris Beytes & Debbie Hamrick
In 2011, Thanksgiving week was proclaimed “Farm City Week” by President Obama, who asked Americans to “honor the individuals, families and communities who provide us the staple foods that sustain our Nation.”

GT in Brief
On the Move | Jennifer Zurko
All-America Selections; BASF; Griffin; Michell's; Pleasant View Gardens; Walters Gardens

GT in Brief
Penn State Student Named Shinoda Foundation Scholar of the Year | Jennifer Zurko
The Shinoda Foundation has awarded its highest honor, the Shinoda Scholar of the Year, to Mikaela Hermstedt, a Horticulture major at The Pennsylvania State University.

GT in Brief
Rolling with It | Jennifer Zurko
With a contraption that’s similar to the ones used to make candy like Lemon-heads and Jawbreakers, Justin Bender is working on pelleting portulaca seed in the Ball Premier Lab.

GT in Brief
Sakata Seed Joins Patent Pool | Jennifer Polanz
Sakata has joined the Vegetable International Licensing Platform, or ILP, a private association based in the Netherlands.

GT in Brief
Star Roses & Plants Announces Rebrand of BrazelBerries | Chris Beytes
The line of small fruit bushes, purchased recently by Star Roses & Plants from Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, has a new name for North America: Bushel and Berry.

New Products
New Products | Adriana Heikkila
Darwin Perennials; Oglesby Plants International; GROWinBAG; Emerald Coast Growers LLC; Philips Lighting BV; WaterPulse Inc.

Pest Management
Do-It-Yourself, Insect-killing Nematodes | John Sanderson, Tony Testa & Elson Shields
Applications of insect-killing nematodes have become increasingly popular among greenhouse growers and some have asked us about rearing their own nematodes in order to save on costs.

SAF in the Lobby
Washington: The First 100 Days | Society of American Florists
In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory, Washington is trying to make sense of a new, unexpected and unpredictable political world.

Under an Acre
Manufacturing to Microgreens | Anne-Marie Hardie
John Bolton never dreamed of leaving his long-term career to operate his own growing business. However, his life was about to go through a dramatic change.

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