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Saturday, September 23, 2017 Vol. 81 No. 5

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  Article Archive
August 2017 Issue (Vol. 81 No. 4)
Down Cycling | Ellen C. Wells
In general our industry has had a good run of it for the last few years.

Matching Experience with Pricing | Jennifer Polanz
You’re not paying $2.95 for that Venti iced coffee in a vacuum.

We Will Sell No Whine Before Its Time | Amanda Thomsen
In my mind, disappointing customers is the best-case scenario …

Consumer Buzz
A Splashy Sales Approach | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Kohler is taking “try before you buy” to a whole new level with its Experience Center.

Consumer Buzz
Amazon for Everyone | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Amazon is making sure it appeals to shoppers of all income levels.

Consumer Buzz
Brick-And-Mortar Still Rules Grocery Shopping | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Amazon may be gobbling up Whole Foods, but that doesn’t mean consumers are flocking online to buy groceries.

Consumer Buzz
Data Savers | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Despite several major data breaches over the last few years, most Americans are willing to store their credit card info online.

Consumer Buzz
Flying Toilet Paper | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Your toilet paper could soon be delivered to your doorstep via parachute.

Consumer Buzz
Happier Home Improvement Shoppers | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Customer satisfaction with home improvement retailers is rising.

Consumer Buzz
Millennials Find Fashion on Amazon | Ann-Marie Vazzano
When you look at the stats, it’s not surprising so many department stores are closing.

Consumer Buzz
Mobile Addiction | Ann-Marie Vazzano
If you want to get in front of your customers, you’d better reach them via cell phone.

Consumer Buzz
Return, Return, Return | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Nearly half of Millennials say online returns are a hassle.

Consumer Buzz
Shop Anywhere | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Thanks to the Internet, U.S. consumers can shop literally anywhere and more are buying from international retailers.

Consumer Buzz
Shopping Malls’ Savior? | Ann-Marie Vazzano
With anchor stores closing across America, developers are thinking of new ways to fill that space.

Consumer Buzz
The Customer Connection | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Four in 10 check the status of their orders using the self-help section of retailers’ websites.

Consumer Buzz
What Motivates Millennials? | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Nearly half (48%) of Millennials are more likely to buy from a brand if they know the people behind it.

Cover Story
Should You Pay for Pretty? | Jennifer Polanz
Empirical and anecdotal evidence both point to the same answer: yes.

Do Customers Care About State Promotional Campaigns? | Hayk Khachatryan & Alicia Rihn
Studies of the Sunshine State’s “Fresh from Florida” campaign showed promotions like this one help consumers think local.

Helping You Sell | Chris Beytes, Ellen C. Wells & Jennifer Zurko
While the number of Spring Trials exhibitors going all out with retail-ready marketing displays has dwindled, the ones we spotted could get you sketching out new concepts for your nursery yard ASAP.

Personality Plus in the Shade | Christina Salwitz
Don’t let the sun have all the fun—this shade-loving combination can shine, too.

Six Steps to Next Level Retailing | John Johnston
Freshen up your facility, marketing and sales with these ideas.

That New Store Smell | Ellen C. Wells
Is climbing the mountain of new construction worth the view from the top?

The Multi-Channel Retailing Conundrum | Jennifer Polanz
We chatted with The Garden Corner’s Jonn Karsseboom recently about his experience selling online.

Front Lines
Bower & Branch Looking For Retailers | Jennifer Polanz
Bower & Branch kicked off its annual retailer enrollment period in July and it runs through October 31 for independent retailers and growers.

Front Lines
Farwest Lineup for Retail | Jennifer Polanz
If you’re heading to Farwest August 23-25 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, there are a multitude of retail-related sessions and activities to check out.

Front Lines
Handpicked for You Launches Website | Jennifer Polanz
The Handpicked for You “trustmark” program that came out of a collaboration between breeders, growers and independent retailers now has a website.

Front Lines
MGIX Expands | Jennifer Polanz
Midwest Green Industry Experience started this January as a “refreshed and redefined” version of CENTS, the Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association’s annual conference and trade show.

Front Lines
More Native Pollinator Habitats Needed | Jennifer Polanz
The USDA recently released a report taking a look at studies conducted over the last 30 years in regards to the effects of land use on pollinator health.

Front Lines
New AAS Winners for 2018 | Ellen C. Wells
We are only halfway through 2017 and All-America Selections is already thinking ahead to 2018.

Profit Planet
The People Business | Bill McCurry
Garden center operators often admit that hiring and keeping staff members are their biggest problems.

The Friel World
Appropriate Appropriations | John Friel
I’m perpetually impressed by green-industry ingenuity.

The Goods
The Goods | Adriana Heikkila
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