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Saturday, September 23, 2017 Vol. 81 No. 5

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  Article Archive
July 2017 Issue (Vol. 81 No. 3)
20 Reasons Why I Love You | Ellen C. Wells
I could never write about tires.

A Blast from the Past | Jennifer Polanz
You can count on us as much today as you could 20 years ago. Some things never change.

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Google It | Amanda Thomsen
How can we pull failed gardeners back into the fold?

Consumer Buzz
AI Coming Soon | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Nearly half (45%) of retailers are planning to use artificial intelligence to enhance customer experiences sometime in the next three years.

Consumer Buzz
Cashless Consumers? | Ann-Marie Vazzano
According to a recent ING survey, 34% of American consumers never or don’t often carry cash.

Consumer Buzz
Do Customers Want A Digital Experience? | Ann-Marie Vazzano
More companies are using digital technology to improve the customer experience, but not all consumers are on board.

Consumer Buzz
Gen Z Has Expectations | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Although many of them are still in high school and college, Gen Z definitely has purchasing power.

Consumer Buzz
Household Debt Peaks | Ann-Marie Vazzano
America’s combined household debt grew to $12.73 trillion in the first quarter of this year.

Consumer Buzz
Lost Loyalty Points | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Some $100 billion in loyalty points are currently unredeemed.

Consumer Buzz
Loyalty Gripes | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Carrying cards is consumers’ biggest frustration when it comes to loyalty programs

Consumer Buzz
Online Shopping, Offline Conversations | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Consumers talk about retailers and brands more face-to-face than they do online.

Consumer Buzz
Organic Food Sales Reach New High | Ann-Marie Vazzano
More than 5% of all food sales are now organic.

Consumer Buzz
Personalization Pays Off | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Brands that use digital technology to provide personalized experiences are seeing revenue growth of 6% to 10%.

Consumer Buzz
Star Power | Ann-Marie Vazzano
User reviews aren’t necessarily a good indicator of quality.

Consumer Buzz
The Struggle Is Real | Ann-Marie Vazzano
A third of Millennials and a third of Baby Boomers struggle to pay for groceries.

Consumer Buzz
Walmart Reveals Next-Gen Stores | Ann-Marie Vazzano
New Walmart test stores in Texas and Florida are using technology and new layouts to enhance the shopping experience.

Cover Story
Are Online Sales Worth the Investment? | Jennifer Polanz
Only you can truly answer that question, but here are a plethora of aspects to think about when considering your online options.

Container Series: Don’t Pitch It, Eat It! | Amanda Thomsen
Reduce, reuse, recycle—put some new life and taste into your mixed containers.

Spring Trials An Eye Toward Retail | Ellen C. wells, Chris Beytes & Jennifer Zurko
We spotted fun edibles, cool components and innovative marketing ideas at this year’s California Spring Trials.

Using Your Data | Mason Day
Here’s how to get a better handle on what consumers are looking for, both before they get into your store and once they’re there.

What Does Generation Z Want? | Bisser Georgiev
Why should we pay attention to Gen Z? In the second of a multi-part series, we’ll take a deep dive into the next wave of consumers.

Front Lines
Another No-Brainer | Ellen C. Wells
In a recent buZZ! newsletter, we shared with you Valerie Nalls’ “no-brainer moneymaker” idea for bundling products.

Front Lines
Hot Perennials for 2018 | Jennifer Polanz
Eason Horticultural Resources’ recently released the 2018 Hot New Perennials booklet.

Front Lines
Hummert’s Grand Expo | Jennifer Polanz
Hummert International will host its Hummert Grand Expo on August 24 at the St. Charles Convention Center in St. Charles, Missouri.

Front Lines
IGC Show Offers Education Sampler | Jennifer Polanz
Attendees to this year’s IGC Show in Chicago (August 15-17) can partake in an educational workshop on the house through the IGC Conference Sampler.

Front Lines
MGIX Expands | Jennifer Polanz
Not sure what MGIX is? It stands for Midwest Green Industry Experience and it started this January as a “refreshed and redefined” version of CENTS,

Front Lines
Rockledge Gardens’ New Space | Jennifer Polanz
“Garden nurseries aren’t just for plants anymore.”

Front Lines
WaterPulse Reaches 10 Million S.F. Mark | Jennifer Polanz
WaterPulse recently announced it has reached a major milestone.

Profit Planet
Stay a Step Ahead of the Bad Guys | Bill McCurry
“Empathy” for a petty thief does them and their victims a disservice.

The Friel World
Spare Change and Sea Change | John Friel
Sears’ dominance was fueled by sales to that agrarian population, to an America that no longer exists.

The Goods
The Goods | Adriana Heikkila
Allsop Home & Garden; Ball FloraPlant; Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm; Devron Sales Ltd.; Dramm Corporation; Entryways USA; Ernst Benary of America Inc.; Featherock Inc.; Georgetown Home and Garden; Lambert Peat Moss Inc.; Lechuza USA; LiveTrends Design Group LLC; Primera Technology Inc.; Selecta One; Spring Meadow Nursery Inc.; Sproutbrite; Sunny Bunny Gardens; Suntory Flowers Ltd.; Syngenta Flowers LLC; Terra Nova Nurseries Inc.; The Hiawatha Corporation; Veradek Inc.; WaterPulse Inc.

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