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Saturday, September 23, 2017 Vol. 81 No. 5

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  Article Archive
June 2017 Issue (Vol. 81 No. 2)
Living Life Outdoors | Jennifer Polanz
People love to dream about their outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Ruminations | Amanda Thomsen
Everybody deserves an outdoor room; we’re just the people to make that happen.

Red Mulch Regret | Ellen C. Wells
I’m judgy. It’s horrible, I know.

Consumer Buzz
Amazon is at it Again | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Always innovating, Amazon has won a new patent, according to technology news site Recode.

Consumer Buzz
Breaking Down Facebook Interaction | Ann-Marie Vazzano
More than half (54.6%) of Facebook users don’t mind ads, according to a recent survey.

Consumer Buzz
Buying from Bots | Ann-Marie Vazzano
More retailers are relying on artificial intelligence to interact with shoppers, but many consumers are still skeptical.

Consumer Buzz
Cash Back is King | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Cash back incentives strongly influence purchase decisions, according to a recent study from RetailMeNot.

Consumer Buzz
Fill ’Er Up | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Consumers won’t cut back on driving until gas prices reach $3.37 per gallon.

Consumer Buzz
Getting Consumers to Tell All | Ann-Marie Vazzano
When it comes to sharing personal data, consumers will spill the beans if it means they can get financial incentives or resolve customer service issues.

Consumer Buzz
How Do Millennials Shop? | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Millennials shop more in-store than they do online.

Consumer Buzz
Millennials Movin’ on Up | Ann-Marie Vazzano
According to recent research from Bain & Company and Farfetch, by 2025, Millennials will make up 40% of personal luxury purchases globally.

Consumer Buzz
Most Consumers Split Shop | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Direct marketing company SKUlocal recently set out to see how many consumers split shop (buy everyday goods at multiple stores) and why they do it.

Consumer Buzz
Move Over, Personal Stylists | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Could Google’s new “style ideas” function be the last nail in the coffin for shopping malls?

Consumer Buzz
Online Shopping: Milliseconds Matter | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Half of shoppers browse products on their phones, but only 20% actually complete purchases on their devices.

Consumer Buzz
Small Businesses on Social Media | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Nearly a quarter of small businesses don’t have a social media presence.

Consumer Buzz
Social Listening | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Social listening—or “collecting social data by monitoring terms, names and products associated with your brand or industry,” has many benefits.

Cover Story
Punching Up Patios & Porches | Katie Elzer-Peters
Help customers make phenomenal plant choices for their outdoor spaces.

Improving the Ambience | Jennifer Polanz
Fun touches of lighting can help create a whimsical mood in the garden and in the outdoor room.

Succulent Tapestry | Rita Randolph
When it comes to succulents … more is better!

The Sweet Smell of Success | Randall D. Schultz
10 tips for selling more roses.

Tricks: Houston Enchantment | Jennifer Zurko
A quick trip to the great state of Texas offered us a chance to make a stop at Enchanted Gardens, one of the garden center locations owned by Joey Lenderman and his family.

Young Retailer Award: Diversify or Disrupt | Ellen C. Wells
We asked the three nominees for our 2017 Green Profit/Dümmen Orange Young Retailer Award which option they prefer: diversifying or disrupting the industry. Here’s what they chose.

Front Lines
#Garden4Wildlife | Jennifer Polanz
GrowIt!, the social network for gardeners, wants users to think about the wildlife when they’re gardening.

Front Lines
Another No-Brainer Moneymaker | Ellen C. Wells
About a month ago, I had some really fun conversations with industry folks about their go-to methods for making money.

Front Lines
Aquascape Inc. = Healthy Company | Jennifer Polanz
Aquascape Inc. is one of 156 companies around the country receiving the designation of Healthiest Companies in America by Interactive Health.

Front Lines
Consumers Want to Help Pollinators | Hyak Khachatryan
University of Florida Researcher Hayk Khachatryan recently reached out to Ellen Wells about a study done in conjunction with several other university researchers looking at consumer perceptions related to pollinator-friendly plants.

Front Lines
IGCA Canada | Ellen C. Wells
If you’re a leading retail garden center in Australia or Austria, Japan or Germany—or even in the good ol’ USA—your garden center association belong to the IGCA.

Front Lines
Jim Zampini Passes | Jennifer Polanz
The industry lost an advocate and friend in long-time Ohio nurseryman Jim Zampini, who passed away at his home in April at the age of 85.

Front Lines
News from Bower & Branch | Ellen C. Wells
There are two bits of news this month out of Bower & Branch, the e-commerce brand for garden centers that sell online and in store.

Profit Planet
It’s Not Apathy—It’s Unprofessionalism | Bill McCurry
Consider role-playing with your team about different ways to ask a customer to wait.

The Friel World
Enlightened Lighting and Dry MOATS | John Friel
Outdoor rooms are more about wanting than needing.

The Goods
The Goods | Adriana Heikkila
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