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Saturday, September 23, 2017 Vol. 81 No. 5

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  Article Archive
May 2017 Issue (Vol. 81 No. 1)
Surviving Spring (and Beyond) | Jennifer Polanz
That’s what this issue is all about: more ways to make money and homing in on the nuances of those plans.

Tiny Pieces of Stuff | Amanda Thomsen
You know what’s expected of you? To supply the unexpected. A least a little bit.

Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs | Ellen C. Wells
For a new gardener, everything at your store is pretty much new.

Consumer Buzz
A Happy St. Paddy’s Day | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Americans spent an estimated $5.3 billion on St. Patrick’s Day this year, up from $4.4 billion last year.

Consumer Buzz
A Record-Breaking Easter | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Consumers were expected to spend a record $18.4 billion on Easter this year, a 6% increase over last year.

Consumer Buzz
An Email Conundrum | Ann-Marie Vazzano
If you want customers to open your emails, think carefully about the subject line.

Consumer Buzz
Are Physical Stores Really Dead? | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Gloomy retail news seems to dominate the headlines, but according to RetailNext, brick-and-mortar stores are far from dead, as long as they’re willing to change with the times.

Consumer Buzz
Customer Satisfaction on The Rise | Ann-Marie Vazzano
After two years of decline, customer satisfaction is finally improving.

Consumer Buzz
Evolving Retail | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Six in 10 retailers believe stores will shift their focus from traditional sales to theme-based approaches that work to attract specific customers.

Consumer Buzz
Load-To-Card Coupons Gain Ground | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Digital coupons are finally overtaking paper coupons in terms of redemption rates.

Consumer Buzz
Shoppers Embrace Technology | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Consumers want access to technology that makes their shopping experiences easier, a recent survey from International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) found.

Consumer Buzz
So Much for Showrooming | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Showrooming may seem like a big threat to physical stores, but according to TimeTrade’s recent State of Retail Report, the opposite appears to be true.

Consumer Buzz
UPS Looks Up | Ann-Marie Vazzano
UPS is giving Amazon a run (or flight?) for its money.

Consumer Buzz
Virtual Reality Retail | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Lowe’s is giving customers the opportunity to learn DIY skills through a virtual reality program called Holoroom How To.

Consumer Buzz
Who Knows More? | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Nearly eight in 10 (79%) of consumers say knowledgeable store associates are important or very important.

Consumer Buzz
Wi-Fi’s Little Secrets | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Jo-Ann craft stores across the country are now offering Wi-Fi to customers, which might seem like a nice gesture. But it doesn’t benefit just shoppers.

Cover Story
The Plant of the Hour | Kylee Baumle
Here’s why it’s vital you jump on the milkweed bandwagon and some tips to get started.

Bringing the Sexy Back to Gardening | Heidi Lindberg
Elements of the long-running Philadelphia Flower Show proved gardening isn’t stale. Here are five lessons to learn from the show.

Evolving into a Design-Oriented Industry | Bisser Georgiev
In the first of a multi-part series, we take a look at the trends and innovation leading the décor industry and how to capitalize with consumer-centric design.

Raise Your Rebate IQ | John Johnston
Working with suppliers who offer rebates is a great way to set yourself apart and offer customers savings.

The Colors of Summer | Barbara Wise
Melt the winter blues with this container full of instant summer.

The No-Brainer Moneymaker | Ellen C. Wells
What makes money for you?

Tricks: Inspired by AmericasMart | Jennifer Polanz
AmericasMart in Atlanta isn’t just great for buying products—it’s also great for display ideas.

Front Lines
AFE Gets $100K | Ellen C. Wells
Earlier this month, the American Floral Endowment received a grand gift from Egon and Laina Molbak, the founders of Seattle-area Molbak’s Garden and Home.

Front Lines
An Epic Catalog | Jennifer Polanz
Dayton Nurseries, a garden center in Norton, Ohio, has done something pretty amazing: it created a 240-page, full-color digital catalog of many of its offerings.

Front Lines
Asking Questions, Getting Answers | Ellen C. Wells
One social site aimed specifically at gardeners is hoping to buck the sketchy plant info trend by crowdsourcing the answers to gardening and plant questions.

Front Lines
Cultivate’17 Retail Tour | Ellen C. Wells
AmericanHort will host a Retail Tour, happening on Saturday, July 15, as part of Cultivate’17 (July 16-18).

Front Lines
Doing Good and Giving Back | Ellen C. Wells
In this installment of how industry folks like yourself are giving back to the communities they live in, I give you Beth Simpson and the folks at Rolling Green Nursery in Greenland, New Hampshire.

Front Lines
Instagram and Gramps | Ellen C. Wells
Combing through my inbox of social media e-newsletters, I came across a headline that, I admit, truly surprised me: “Older Users Are Most Influenced by Ads on Instagram.”

Front Lines
New Garden Center Opens on Old Martin Viette Site | Jennifer Polanz
The Dubner family purchased the 42 acres in January that was formerly the site of Martin Viette Nursery in Muttontown on Long Island in New York.

Front Lines
New Infographic Released From NICH | Jennifer Polanz
NICH is in the process of developing a series of infographics to disseminate throughout horticulture disciplines to use as needed to get the message across.

Front Lines
Winner, Winner $1,000 Dinner | Jennifer Polanz
Or $1,000 for whatever Andrew Seemar wishes to spend it on, since he was the big winner in the Container Centralen Rack Distance Traveled Contest.

Profit Planet
Make No Bones About It … | Bill McCurry
Customers don’t want to be overwhelmed with information that doesn’t directly impact their current project.

The Friel World
Steaks and Chops | John Friel
… don’t look at the obstacles you might hit, look where you want to go.

The Goods
The Goods | Adriana Heikkila
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