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Saturday, September 23, 2017 Vol. 81 No. 5

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  Article Archive
March 2017 Issue (Vol. 80 No. 11)
Gambling on a Trend | Jennifer Polanz
Mermaids, y’all. Mermaids everywhere.

Kiss My Aster: Yoda Solves Generational Issues | Amanda Thomsen
It’s time to take a good hard look at yourself.

The Granny and the GOAT | Ellen C. Wells
Think for a moment of all the hours you’ve amassed doing what you do.

Consumer Buzz
An Ultra-Personalized Customer Experience | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Three-quarters of retailers plan to ID customers in the store by their smartphones via WiFi by the end of 2019.

Consumer Buzz
Charge! | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Americans are now $1 trillion in credit card debt, according to CreditCards.com.

Consumer Buzz
Flying Warehouses | Ann-Marie Vazzano
The future of retail is getting weirder.

Consumer Buzz
Forever Indebted? | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Americans are becoming more optimistic about paying off their debt during their lifetimes, according to a recent CreditCards.com survey.

Consumer Buzz
Game Day Spending Down | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Consumers spent an estimated $14.1 billion on the Super Bowl, according to NRF’s annual Super Bowl Spending Survey.

Consumer Buzz
Indoor Gardening | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Consumer Reports recently reported on the top home improvement trends for 2017. One trend is a focus on healthy living.

Consumer Buzz
Print Isn’t Dead | Ann-Marie Vazzano
According to a Nielsen Scarborough study, 81% of newspaper readers read actual printed papers, with about half reading only print.

Consumer Buzz
Retailers Ready for Robots | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Human-shaped robots that can interpret shoppers’ facial expressions and answer their questions by gathering information from the cloud could eventually make their way into American stores.

Consumer Buzz
Shop Without Shopping | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Here’s a surefire way to avoid impulse buys: a robotic shopping cart that guides shoppers to the specific items on their lists.

Consumer Buzz
The Future of Customer Service | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Calling a customer service line could become less frustrating, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Consumer Buzz
The Rise of Mobile Wallets | Ann-Marie Vazzano
According to a recent survey from mobile engagement platform Urban Airship, more than 50% of consumers would like to use their mobile devices for things like loyalty cards and coupons.

Consumer Buzz
The Wage Age Divide | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Millennials today make less money and have only half the net wealth their parents had at a similar age.

Consumer Buzz
Will Consumers Embrace Misfits? | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Grocery chain Hy-Vee is banking on customers embracing “ugly” produce.

Consumer Buzz
Young Shoppers Prefer Physical Stores | Ann-Marie Vazzano
Despite never knowing a world without the Internet, Generation Z consumers actually prefer shopping in-store versus online.

Cover Story
Filling in the Gaps for Spring | Chris Beytes, Ellen C. Wells & Jennifer Zurko
Check out our finds from the winter trade shows to stay on point for spring (and beyond).

A Recipe for a Better Seasonal Workforce | Katie Elzer-Peters
Use these tips to help propel your seasonal workers to success.

Attracting More Eyes (And More Shoppers) | Joe Dysart
Boost the visibility of your online content through Search Engine Optimization.

Shopper’s Delight | Jennifer Polanz
What’s new in gifts, home décor, garden accessories and holiday for 2017 from AmericasMart in Atlanta.

Tools: Ease of the Squeeze | John Johnston
Help customers garden comfortably with ergonomic tools.

TRICKS: A Place at the Table | Ellen C. Wells
At least four vendors at the Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, this past January showed off both plants and packaging by creating displays based on the dining experience.

Front Lines
Billy Foard Passes | Jennifer Polanz
Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Billy Foard, the founder and owner of Valley View Farms in Cockeysville, Maryland, who passed away Wednesday, January 25, at the age of 78.

Front Lines
Growing Food With Your Flowers | Jennifer Polanz
Now consumers have a guide to go along with their desire to grow food and flowers.

Front Lines
GrowIt! Gets Behind IGCs | Ellen C. Wells
Thanks to a growing amount of user data and listening to the needs of the GrowIt! community—they’ve grown the app to better support that community by linking the community to the local source: independent garden centers.

Front Lines
Looking for a Solution to Boxwood Blight | Jennifer Polanz
With the presence of Boxwood Blight (BB) now in Northeast Illinois, the number of states BB has been detected in comes to at least 22, in both nursery and landscape settings.

Front Lines
Making Bloomin’ Easy Even Easier | Jennifer Polanz
Founded by Van Belle Nursery, Inc., the Bloomin’ Easy brand of young plants now has a new website: bloomineasyplants.com.

Front Lines
Martin Viette Closing (For Now?) | Jennifer Polanz
After 87 years in business, Martin Viette Nurseries in East Norwich, New York, closed its doors in December, according to an article on the Newsday website.

Front Lines
Winter Trade Show Outlook: Positive | Jennifer Polanz
Attendance was up at many of this year’s winter trade shows and orders were being written (which is a better way to get a read on the upcoming spring).

Profit Planet
(Anti) Social Media | Bill McCurry
True “social” media includes back-and-forth dialogue with constant engagement by the customer.

The Friel World
Good Show! | John Friel
Working a good show, even the bad news is a good problem to have …

The Goods
The Goods | Adriana Heikkila
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