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Tuesday, September 19, 2017 Vol. 81 No. 5

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Cover Story
Make It Easy
| Ellen C. Wells
>> Published Date: 1/31/2017
Is making gardening “easy” for the consumer doing her a disservice? Gardening is work, after all. But if there’s a tool or accessory that can make the act of gardening a little easier and a lot more accessible for everyone, I say bring it on.

Green Profit has rounded up some of those “making-life-easier” items in the container category for you to offer to your customers. Whether it’s easy to lift, waters just right or raises the garden up, each has something special to offer both indoor and outdoor plant growers.

Frost-proof pots make everyone’s life easier. The Tall Starfruit pot, from the Riverstone Lite collection, makes a bold statement piece used as a planter, a fountain or as a piece of (frozen) art. Available in Large (55.5 in.), Medium (45.5 in.) and Small (35 in.). Contact: (800) 385-4948, info@anamese.com.  

Big Grass Living   
The Naturals collection features planters that complement plants’ native environment, naturally retaining moisture and promoting root growth. The materials are lightweight and made of natural fibers and/or wood. The Pong Pong planters are five de-seeded half-pods connected with galvanized wire. The pong pong fiber holds moisture and encourages root growth into the inner walls. The Coconut Coir Planters come in two styles—one is half a coir husk with the coconut shell retained inside, a natural pot for soil and growth medium retention. The other style without the inside shell (not pictured) is two-thirds of a coir husk that’s been split and wired together for form the pot. Contact: (210) 735-7999, info@biggrassliving.com.  

Bloem Living
The Lucca self-watering planter is easy to use and keeps your plants watered longer. Start by watering from the top for three to four weeks until the root system is established. Then fill the tray with water and the plant’s roots will tap into the supply as needed. Simply refill the tray when the water is gone and the plant will continue to water itself for days. Contact: (616) 622-6344, info@bloemliving.com.

Central Garden and Pet
Two products from Central Garden and Pet bring the “easy” to your retail offerings. Constructed of fiberglass, the Woven Square has the classic lines and details of woven wood. These lightweight containers are available in two sizes. Next, the Self-Watering Planter ensures your customers’ plants remain perfectly watered through a two-part watering system. Dimensions: 6.25 in. by 6.25 in. by 5.25 in. Contact: (855) 273-7480, customer.service@nepottery.com.

The Algarve Planter features a removable water reservoir, which holds more than enough water to keep plants watered for days on end. The removable reservoir system includes a perforated planting tray, a removable liner and a watering tube, which makes adding water and liquid fertilizer simple. The Algarve planter comes packed in a shelf-display wrap and includes instructions and consumer information. Ceramo’s Tall Cone Pot is a tall pot with a shallow interior bottom. This allows for a space to be filled with a large pot without the hassle of planting a large pot. Contact: (800) 325-8303, sales@ceramousa.com.

Eco Personal Garden
Planting up Eco Personal Garden’s uniquely shaped and oversized pots as displays will pique the attention of curious customers. These UV-protected, cast-resin planters with tiered planting chambers allow for a myriad of planting and design possibilities, from miniature gardens to flowers, herbs and veggies. Available in three styles—Broken Pot (pictured), Acorn and Walnut. Made in the USA. Contact: (239) 777-4564, www.ecopersonalgarden.com.  

Mobilegro offers tiered, moveable growing spaces to the small-space gardener. Available in both three- and four-tiered versions, the copper penny-hammered, powder-coated steel units have an artistic embossed trim design. Deep enough for root veggies and designed for cascading drainage, the units have a catch pan, making them suitable for indoor use. Contact: (855) 797-0770, info@mobilegro.com.

Modern Sprout
Bring the herb garden into the kitchen with two category options from Modern Sprout. The Garden Jar is a self-watering herb kit outfitted with a passive hydroponic system for wicking water and nutrients up to the plant’s roots. The kit features a blue vintage-inspired mason jar and includes either certified organic or non-GMO seeds of basil, parsley, mint, cilantro, oregano and pansy. Available as singles or sets. The Eco Planter kit offers the same passive wicking process for growing herbs, but with a slightly different soil container and glass jar. Contact: sprout@modsprout.com.

The No. 1 series of containers is a clean-line classic when it comes to outdoor décor. Not only is it stylish, it’s also made of frost-proof, lightweight and UV-resistant plastic. What sets No. 1 apart as an outdoor container is a self-storing plug, which closes the drainage hole when the container comes in for indoor use. Additionally, its double-rimmed design allows for removing the root ball easily and cleanly. Scheurich’s Vintage collection of soft-pastel pots are the perfect vessels for orchids. The watertight cover-pots fill all common orchid containers and their slightly tapered shape helps rest the plastic grow pots high enough to protect the roots from becoming waterlogged. Four available colors. Contact: info@scheurich.de.  

Supporting Cast
Sometimes those containers can use a hand. Green Profit found a few products that save the day with a much-needed assist.

Achla Designs
The Cascading Pot Rings are Achla’s take on the typical “ladder” to create a tiered effect. Three flowerpot rings at different levels create a cascading effect in a small footprint, using either flowers or vegetables. Use on balconies, patios or in flower beds to add a vertical element. Folds for storage. Pots not included. Black, powder-coated, 18 in. wide by 36 in. long by 48 in. high. Rings 10-in. diameter. Contact: (800) 626-1114, info@achla.com.  

Allsop Home & Garden’s Pot Pads and Lifter Pads use a unique two-part construction of a hard plastic dome and non-skid rubber grip pad to a create suction on the underside of a pot, allowing it to easily move across hard surfaces. Able to hold up to 3,000 lbs., Pot Pads immediate elevate pots, allowing for drainage space and preventing deck rot and staining. Available in 2-in. (Pot) and 3-in. (Lifter) diameter. Appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. Contact: (208) 726-0624, www.allsopgarden.com.  

Soendgen Keramik
Leaving your containers unaccompanied for a few days? Not great at remembering to water? Then the i-drop is for you. Consisting of a teardrop-shaped plastic container atop a clay cone, the i-drop slowly releases water to keep the soil perfectly hydrated. Available in five colors and two sizes. Contact: keramik@soendgen.de. GP

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