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Saturday, September 23, 2017

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  Contact Us
We're here to help!

If there's anything you need to know about Ball Publishing, GrowerTalks, Green Profit, our partner publication FloraCulture International, conferences, subscribing, advertising, the events calendar, Pack Trial planning, the best hotels in Amsterdam during Horti Fair or where to find great barbecue in California (the Central Texan in Castroville), just ask!

Here's how to reach us:


Ball Publishing
622 Town Road
P.O. Box 1660
West Chicago, IL 60186
Tel: (630) 231-3675
Toll Free (888) 888-0013
Fax: (630) 231-5254
Email: info@ballpublishing.com

For inquiries about your subscription, lost issues, back issues or anything else that requires an expert customer care specialist, call Allison!

Allison Westbrook 

Customer Care Specialist
Direct Line: (630) 588-3407
Fax: (630) 231-5254
Email: awestbrook@ballpublishing.com

Have a story idea? A comment about an issue, either good or bad? Have a question about an industry topic? Need a speaker for your next event? Our editors have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Chris Beytes
Direct Line: (630) 588-3401
Mobile: (630) 338-9492
Email: cbeytes@ballpublishing.com
  Jennifer Zurko
Managing Editor, GrowerTalks
Direct Line: (630) 588-3385
Mobile: (630) 886-7062
Fax: (630) 562-7962
Email: jzurko@ballpublishing.com
  Jennifer Polanz
Managing Editor-at-Large, Green Profit
Tel: (440) 749-2131
Email: jpolanz@ballpublishing.com
  Ellen C. Wells
Editor-at-Large, Green Profit
Tel: (617) 501-7766
Fax: (857) 233-4030
Email: ewells@ballpublishing.com

Want to place an ad in GrowerTalks or Green Profit (of course you do!). Interested in sponsoring one of our webinars? Want a reprint of an article? Have questions about an ad or product you saw featured in our magazines? Our sales pros have the answers.

Paul Black
Publisher & Sales Manager
Direct Line: (630) 588-3301
Fax: (630) 231-5254
Mobile (630) 631-9350
Email: pblack@ballpublishing.com
  Kim R. L. Brown
Account Manager
Direct Line: (630) 588-3433
Fax: (630) 293-2558
Email: kbrown@ballpublishing.com
  Adriana Heikkila
Sales Assistant
Direct Line: (630) 588-3106
Fax: (630) 231-5254
Email: aheikkila@ballpublishing.com

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